Meeting in your home or office, my concierge service allows me to counsel you in the comfort of your own environment.  At home I fill your kitchen with the foods for your new very own food plan! I leave you with a shopping list that you can use on an ongoing basis.



Every “body” is different, Each person metabolizes fats, carbs, proteins and sugars differently. By testing your DNA with me, you will better understand your specific requirements and composition and most importantly any predisposition to disease. The test is simple! With a quick saliva swab, I am able to have your DNA analyzed and interpret the results to better understand your body and its needs. Understanding your DNA and genetic makeup will help you determine which foods to avoid and which foods to include in your diet. You may believe carbs are your enemy, but your DNA results may suggest otherwise. Everyone’s body processes and metabolizes foods differently and by interpreting these results with me, you will have new information that will help you shed old habits, prevent disease and achieve your optimal weight!

Beyond this, you will learn which supplements your body may require to help support your new lifestyle.



Early in my career, I founded Weigh to Health Inc. a nutritional consulting firm to help companies lower their health care costs and increase employee retention. My “lunch and learn” workshops along with group challenges and competitions helped employees manage and prevent disease  with my proprietary corporate nutrition program. Employees were excited and engaged in collective weight loss missions and challenges that I facilitated on a weekly basis. Companies quickly realized their return on investment (ROI) had increased significantly by reducing their employees healthcare costs. Additionally, they saw an increase in  engagement and retention as employees became active participants in their own health. In other words, employees felt better, so they performed better. A healthy workspace is always a more productive one!

The cost can be as low as a small payroll deduction with or without participation from the company. Please inquire for specific rates and plans.




Through a phone call or Skype session I will inquire about your habits, schedule, routine and relationship with food, fitness regimen and DNA Diagnostics; everything that an in-office meeting would offer you. This allows clients all over the country to benefit from my services and personal touch. Together, we can identify problem areas and create a plan that is tailor-made to your lifestyle.



Do you suspect you have an unhealthy relationship with food?

Are you emotionally eating?

We will address these concerns in an in-depth evaluation in the most compassionate way.  



Weight loss doesn’t have to be a battle, it can be a party!

Reaching your diet and fitness goals often require the support of your friends and family, and now we’re making it fun! For groups of four or more, I offer a group discount for DNA Diagnostics! When you host a party, you will receive one free DNA testing kit!  



Weight loss is a journey that doesn’t have to be isolating. In addition to one-on-one sessions, I  facilitate fun and engaging support groups where you will find and share important insights.