I’ve had the joy and pleasure of working with clients for more than 18 years in various environments. As a certified nutritionist, my client’s success and satisfaction creates my own success and satisfaction.

Beginning my career in the corporate world, but always interested in nutrition and weight loss, I found a way to combine both sets of experiences to help employees lose weight collectively. I launched “Weigh To Health” in 2002, with the goal of bringing nutritional awareness to corporate environments. I began implementing corporate wellness programs in offices across the U.S. helping employees lose weight and improve their health. Equally, I helped companies save money on insurance by improving the health of their employees. These corporate wellness programs consisted of educational programs in a group setting and individualized consultations. Those who participated found great support in me and in each other. It was through these programs that I learned weight loss is a journey that is best met with others. We are social beings – we eat together, converse together, laugh together and cry together – why shouldn’t we diet together?

While consulting with companies and helping their employees reach their goals, I also began seeing clients individually. My clients have found me to be a reliable pillar in their lives, offering them sound advice, a customized approach and a holistic and thorough assessment of their lifestyle to help them get the results they want to achieve!  

Additionally, my one-on-one practice allows me to customize a plan that includes all aspects of a person’s life, not just diet and exercise. Because I believe weight loss and nutrition can’t exist in isolation, they need to be integrated into a client’s lifestyle holistically, which is exactly what I help do. Throughout my career, I have helped hundreds of men and women turn their lives around by losing weight and gaining knowledge about their own bodies. Adding DNA Diagnostics as a service has furthered my mission.  I assess each client individually and look at their life holistically, often digging deeper to help them understand the challenges they face, the habits they need to break and how to get there. Weight loss is a journey, and I am with my clients every step of the way.